Tuesday, 21 February 2017

SchoolNet free webinar 'Using Skype in the classroom' by Allan Hart on Thurs 23 February at 3:30pm

We are pleased to announce that our next free webinar, Using Skype in the Classroom will be held on Thursday 23 February at 3:30pm. Our speaker will be Allan Hart, a teacher at Appelby Preparatory in Elgin who will be talking about his use of Skype in the classroom. We would like to encourage you to use the free online video tool, Skype, in your classroom this year. One of the ways of doing this has become known as Mystery Skype. This is an interactive learning game where two classrooms use Skype and a series of questions to guess each other’s locations and find out more about each other. It is suitable for all ages, and gives kids an interactive way to build skills one question at a time. We will be using the Adobe Connect webinar platform for the webinar. Please join us as we hear about how Allan Hart uses Skype in his classroom.

Webinar details

Webinar title: Using Skype in the Classroom
Summary: Allan Hart from Applewood Preparatory will talk about his experiences using Skype in the classroom. He will be talking about the benefits of using Skype from an education point of view. Allan will explain how educators can become Skype-ready and how to collaborate with other schools from across the globe. He will explain how a Mystery Skype works.
When: Thursday 23rd February 2017
Duration: 15-20 minutes
Presenter: Allan Hart. Grade 7 teacher Applewood Preparatory, Elgin, Western Cape
Host: Fiona Beal
To join the meeting: http://meet78641452.adobeconnect.com/skype/

If you have never attended an Adobe Connect meeting before or if you haven’t attended an Adobe Connect meeting for a while you might need to install a free add-in. To investigate this, test your connection: http://bit.ly/2kcJiiH


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