Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Let your students add audio and sound to their e-book projects and upload them to the Office Mix website

Submitted by Fiona Beal
Last term I set my Grade 7 ICT class a task of creating a Natural Sciences e-book project on Diseases, in line with their class curriculum,  using PowerPoint. Read ‘Create an e-book project for your class using PowerPoint’. The class presented their projects as online e-books by uploading their PowerPoints to OneDrive so as to give them an online address.  In today’s post we take the process one step further by adding video and sound to the e-books using the amazing PowerPoint add-in, Office Mix.  

Office Mix has its own online platform for providing web addresses to the e-books so we uploaded the presentations to this online platform. To read a detailed post on how to use Office Mix to take your presentations to the next level please read my post ‘How to use Office Mix in Foundation Phase for Literacy lessons – as inspired by Chamelle de Silva from Christel House’ This is how we went about uploading the completed Office Mix presentations complete with audio and sound (or just audio) to the Office Mix website.  

A review of the steps we used to add audio and sound using the Office Mix add-on

The following steps were outlined in detail in the blogpost mentioned above:

Step 1: Make sure you're using PowerPoint 2013 and that your presentation is save as .PPTX
Step 2: Click on Mix in the PowerPoint menu bar to get the Office Mix options
Step 3: Once in Office Mix, test your audio level before you start recording.
Step 4: Make a slide recording using video slide by slide.
Step 5: Pause between slides
Step 6: As you go you can add inking if you like.
Step 7: Save your Mix

Today we move on to Step 8:

Step 8: Upload your Mix to the Office Mix website
The final step will be uploading the mixes to Office Mix. You can use your own teacher account for this or each learner can create their own Microsoft account for their Mixes. (I opted to use my teacher account). Uploading to Mix using the Upload to Office Mix option publishes your Mix securely to your My Mixes page in the cloud on the Office Mix website. It converts your PowerPoint presentation (PPTX) file into a rich, interactive video with a unique URL.
  • Click on Upload to Office Mix. A section will open on the right of the presentation with some options. 

  • I chose number 1 'Prepare' followed by Next at the bottom of the page. 
  • You'll be asked to sign in to Office Mix with one of your accounts. I selected signing in with my Microsoft account
  • Once you are signed in you will be given some new options. I selected 'a new mix'and 'enable playback on a mobile device'. After that click on Next.
  • Your Mix will start to upload slowly. When it is done it will give you the option to see the uploaded mix.
  • Once on the Office Mix website under 'My Mixes'you will be given more options. Since I wanted to embed the Mix on this blog post I chose accordingly.

 Example of a Mix with video, audio and inking 

Example of Mixes with audio and inking 

I am looking forward to using Office Mix again for a classroom project, and will improve on what I learned about this amazing application in the next round. If you haven't tried using Office Mix before please give it a try. . 

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