Monday, 3 October 2016 by Facebook and Free Basics in South Africa – offered by Cell C

Free Basics by Facebook partners with mobile operators in different countries to provide people with access to useful services on their mobile phones in areas where internet access may be less affordable. In South Africa, Cell C has thus far partnered with Free Basics and has a number of websites available for free without data charges (zero-rated), and include content such as the news, employment, health, education and local information. By introducing people to the benefits of the internet through these websites, Free Basics hope to bring more people online and help improve their lives.

Are you a Cell C subscriber? If you are why don’t you try Free Basics? 

Follow the steps below or via the link

What kind of content is available?
Intel’s She will Connect programme is part of the zero-rated offering which aims to provide digital literacy to women and girls in rural areas. This programme offers women an opportunity to learn about digital safety, thinking through online profiles, planning online interactions and ways to marketing small businesses online. Other sites include Bing Search, Wikipedia, Money Matters...and the list keeps growing.

Try it out and let us know your thoughts

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