Thursday, 28 July 2016

Why not tune in to our August SchoolNet webinars - starting with 'How to integrate Augmented Reality successfully in your Classroom' on 4th August...

We are pleased to announce that the new season of short SchoolNet webinars will be starting next week! We will be using Google Hangouts for these webinars. They will be taking place on Thursday afternoons at 3:30 pm. Here are the details of the two webinars planned for August 2016. Both are presented by South African teachers. Please join us if you can. (If you would like to present a short webinar on a topic of interest to teachers, please let know!)

How to integrate Augmented Reality successfully in your classroom
Are you wondering what Augmented Reality is all about? "Augmented Reality (AR)allows teachers and students to extend the physical world with a virtual overlay. Whether you have iPad, Android, or a smartphone, scanning a trigger in the physical world with an AR app allows a new layer of information to appear. This information could be a link to a web site, a video, an audio recording, or even a 3D model.." Quoted from EdTechTeacher:  We invite you to join this 15 - 30 minute minute webinar to find out how to use this technology in your classroom. 

Webinar title: How to integrate Augmented Reality successfully in your classroom
Summary: In this webinar, Ronelle demonstrates the steps to integrate Augmented Reality successfully in your classroom. Augmented Reality is a tool teachers can use to bring learning to life and make the learning experience an interactive adventure. Ronelle says, "I use AR to engage my learners, scaffold learning and flip my classroom. In this webinar I’ll share practical examples of how to integrate AR in your classroom."
When: Thursday 4th August, 2016 at  3:30pm
Duration: 15 - 30 minutes
Presenter: Ronelle Klinck, Ed Tech Coach at St Stithians Girls' College, Johannesburg
Host: Fiona Beal (SchoolNet)
To join the meeting: Visit the event page created for this webinar at:   on the day of the webinar and click on the visible webinar link once there.

The next webinar on 25th August 
Our second webinar of the season will be presented by Keshma Patel, Grade 6 teacher at Micklefield Primary in Cape Town on 25th August at 3:30pm. The topic is 'Exploring with Google Tours'.  One of the things Keshma will be demonstrating is how to re-create a Vasco da Gama or Bartholomew Dias journey using Google Tours. There will be more information about this webinar in a later blog post.

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