Thursday, 2 June 2016

Intel Education Team Volunteers in a rural school in the North West

Submitted by Omashani Naidoo from SchoolNet
Over the last two weeks (9th -20th May 2016), Kgaphamadi Secondary School in the North West Province hosted 7 Intel staff who hailed from the United States, Spain and China. The IESC team visited and worked with the proof of concept school to get the school started with their sponsored Golden Creek 2 in 1 devices, Content Access Point so that they could easily share learning and teaching materials and hosted training for teachers for 2 hours every day for the duration of the two weeks.

The IESC team had a tough two weeks trying to be motivating and encouraging whilst managing teachers’ fears and teaching some basic ICT skills. The two weeks saw many positive changes and created much hype around using ICTs for teaching and learning. Teachers were able to use their daily 2 hours to start engaging with devices and worked through connecting and accessing content from the content access point as well as applications for word processing in lesson preparation and for administration; a few teachers started engaging with using spreadsheets for tracking marksheets and using PowerPoint as presentation tool for class lessons.

SchoolNet SA will be continuing the excellent start by the Intel team in order to build confidence and to ensure that learners benefit from the equipment provided to Kgaphamadi Secondary School.

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