Thursday, 17 September 2015

African Storybook update - 91 books have been translated into French

The African Storybook Project is one of the most amazing Literacy websites with its wide range of stories from Grades 1-3 learners in a multitude of African languages. These stories found at www.african each with beautiful illustrations, can be read online or they can be downloaded as PDFs and made into books. They use the Creative Commons licensing which enables the books to be free to use and adapt if so desired.

This month the African Storybook project is celebrating its French translations! Ninety-one ASP storybooks have been translated into this important language of wider communication in Africa, and they'll be adding more soon. They give particular thanks to Translators without Borders volunteers for contributing most of these translations.

Here is a small selection of the African Storybook Project’s French storybooks. Kalabushe, the talkative
Kalabushe, la bavarde Monkey and the hunter's wife
Maman Singe et la femme du chasseur Counting animals
Compter les animaux Girl called Norah
La fille du nom de Norah Crushed louse
Le pou écrasé Jaaka the fisherman
Jaaka le pêcheur Goat, Dog and Cow
La chèvre, le chien et la vache Pam-Pam bird
L’oiseau Pam-Pam Rabbit under the tree
Le lapin sous un arbre

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