Monday, 24 August 2015

‘Now Mathematics is like my friend’ - thanks to the free application Microsoft Maths

How do you transform Mathematics from the most disliked subject in school to every student’s favorite pastime, even beyond school walls? By introducing Microsoft Math!

Watch secondary and high school students and teachers in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania share their experiences with Microsoft Math, and hear from the Director of Teacher Education at the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training in Tanzania about the goals the government has for the service, and what challenges Microsoft Math is helping to overcome.

Microsoft Math adds a social dimension to education, encouraging students to collaborate and compete with each other, and making the learning experience personal, engaging and exciting. Students can do thousands of math exercises, read theory, learn from examples, take tests, and more. Teachers can set assignments and homework for their class directly from the service, with the ability to better track students’ skill levels and to motivate them further.

This free application, available on all devices, is for Grades 10-12 learners and is based on the Maths curriculum of the country concerned – in our case the South African CAPS curriculum. Why not intrduce it to your students for after-hours research and practice? Find out more at

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