Tuesday, 17 March 2015

SchoolNet Webinar on Thurs 19th March 3:15pm ‘Stop MOOCing about! Time to get serious about online learning and explore iTunesU!’ by Alan Goldberg from Digicape

Background to this webinar
Alan Goldberg, our webinar presenter for this week, says: "iTunes U offers the world's largest catalogue of educational content from top education institutions worldwide (32 countries), with over 7,500 public courses across all disciplines. From the likes of Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, the Museum of Modern Art, London School of Economics, Kyoto University and more; to hundreds of K-12 schools, museums and art galleries, including the Smithsonian Institution to the British Film Institute via the Aquarium of the Pacific. But there is another side to iTunes U.


"The ability for any educator to create courseware for their students which, unlike a MOOC which requires the learner visit the relevant website on a regular basis, actually pushes content to a learners iPad. And with the ability to link to existing content in the form of MS Office docs, iWork docs, PDF’s, movies, audio, web links, links to existing courses in iTunes U, Apps from the App Store, ePubs and more, anyone who can create a Facebook post is capable of creating an iTunes U course. No programming required."

Webinar details
Meeting Name:  ‘Stop MOOCing about! Time to get serious about online learning using iTunesU!’
Summary: This webinar will explore the capabilities and potentials of iTunes U for education
Alan Goldberg, the Director for educational implementation of Apple Technology at Digicape
WhenThursday 19th March 2015 at 3:15 PM
Duration: 30+ minutes
Time Zone:  (GMT+02:00) Pretoria
To join the meeting: http://meet78641452.adobeconnect.com/itunesu/

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