Thursday, 5 February 2015

Invitation to the 2015 Google for Education Innovation Tour arranged by Google for Education, South Africa


Here is an email from Karen Walstra who is the Program Manager for Education at Google for Education in South Africa.

Dear Administrators, IT Leaders, Academic Heads of Schools, Universities, FET and TVET Colleges

You are invited to attend one of our Innovation Tour Days in Durban, Johannesburg or  Bloemfontein

At each one-day event we will share ideas about Google for Education from both the technical and academic points of view. Our GEG Team will also discuss Google communities and initiatives

Event Overview

  • Learn how Google for EDU is bringing South African educational institutions online, transforming the way students, learners and staff use technology.
  • Google Apps technical implementation, integration and deployment topics.
  • Google for Education Academic & Teaching ideas and hands-on activities.
  • You are welcome to bring your own device.
  • Chromebooks will be available for you to try out.
We would like to invite 2 IT/Management and 2 Academic staff from each organization.


Where: Westville Boys High
26 Wandsbeck Road, Westville, KZN
When: Tuesday, 24th Feb 2015
8:30am - 4:30pm


Where: Grayston Prep
Corner North Road and Gillard Street, Sandton, Gauteng
When: Thursday,  26th Feb 2015
8:30am - 4:30pm


Where: UFS IT Campus
Bloemfontein, FS
When: Saturday, 28th Feb 2015
8:30am - 4:30pm

RSVP completing the form or copy and paste this link in a web-address bar to complete the form:

See list of workshop links below.

Programme Overview

Morning Session
  • Pre-Registration (online via forms)
  • The Paperless Classroom, using Google for Education apps and tools
  • Panel discussion & knowledge sharing of how they use Google - from R-12 to Higher Ed.
  • Impact of Google for Education - be inspired !
  • Panel discussion with GfE partners assisting educational institutions to Go Google & organisations using GAfE as part of their solution - affecting education positively.

Afternoon Session

Select three sessions you would like to attend from anyone of the streams:
  • Stream 1 - GfE Technical Toolkit focus
  • Stream 2 - GfE Academic & Teaching ideas, if your school has recently gone Google
  • Stream 3 - GfE Academic & Teaching ideas, if your school has been using Google for awhile

Choice of workshops - please choose 3 options

Stream 1 - Technical Toolkit focus (These sessions are 1.5hours)
Stream 1 - Technical (T1): Getting Started with Google Apps: Signing up & The Admin Console
Stream 1 - Technical (T2): Introduction to Google Apps Scripts & Integration
Stream 1 - Technical (T3): Initiating the uninitiated: How ICT Team & Management can help staff to make the transition to technology-enabled learning

Stream 2 - GfE Academic & Teaching
Stream 2 - Academic (A1): Hand-on workshop: Google for EDU apps, including Classroom
Stream 2 - Academic (A2): Professional Development: Google Certifications & Communities: GEG, GDG
Stream 2 - Academic (A3): Making Learning fun:
  • How to create Connected Classrooms
  • How to start a CS First Club

Stream 3 - Academic & Teaching

Stream 3 - Academic (A4): Using Google in the classroom everyday - Advanced Tips & Tricks (including Google Maps & Earth)
Stream 3 - Academic (A5): UX Computer Science & Psychology

Remember to complete the form to book your place

Look forward to meeting you all. Here is the link to the published doc as well:

Kind Regards
GfE Team

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