Monday, 24 November 2014

Grade 3 Afrikaans Quiz using PowerPoint – a guest post from @BothmaDeidre

This is a guest post from Deidre Bothma who is the Digital Learning Coordinator at Elkanah House Junior Schools.  Deidre does very exciting lessons in her Grade R - 3 classes using a wide range of technology applications. In this post she uses Microsoft’s PowerPoint and Slideboom. This post also featured on Deidre’s blog Thank you for allowing us to use your post as a guest post Deidre!

Our Grade 3′s had so much fun creating an Afrikaans PowerPoint Quiz about ‘My Klaskamer’ (My Classroom). We first wrote our sentences and then took photos with the iPads of various objects in and around our class. We introduced the learners to the PowerPoint Action Buttons – the correct answer to their quiz would hyperlink to the next slide. They even added sounds to the Action Buttons! Take a look at Ross, Kabelo and Brendan’s end product….


SchoolNet says: Thank you very much Deidre - we really appreciate you sharing your knowledge via the SchoolNet blog.  

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