Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Intel Easy Steps course– digital literacy for rural communities

The Intel Easy Steps course was developed to help people in rural communities gain Digital Literacy skills. Intel’s aim is to promote this course to help ensure that women, in particular, gain skills that allow them to understand how technology can improve their awareness of the world at large; and understand how to encourage Digital literacy in their homes and in their immediate community.
In this new project Intel SA has joined forces with the Department of Communications to promote Digital literacy in Women and girls from rural communities. Community centres will host training for unemployed and out of school women and girls and will provide essential digital literacy skills to enhance entrepreneurship opportunities. Intel SA, through SchoolNet, will provide training for participants and deserving participants who take this programme to their communities will be assisted to develop further skills.


The Intel Easy Steps course has a number of modules that allow novice users to learn basic computing skills and includes entrepreneurship modules for further enrichment.

Basic Digital Literacy Skills
Module 1: Introducing Computers &
Operating Systems
Module 2: Introducing Internet and Email
Module 3: Introducing Word Processing
Module 4: Introducing Spreadsheets
Module 5: Introducing Multimedia

Entrepreneurship skills
Module 6: Introduction to entrepreneurship
Module 7: Money management & finance
Module 8: Marketing plan
Module 9: Branding
Module 10: Marketing
Module 11: Online Marketing
Module 12: Creating Feedback
Module 11: Developing and product portfolio
Module 14: Showcase your Portfolio

Any interested person who works in rural communities and would like to participate in this programme should contact Ms Omashani Naidoo on

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