Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Microsoft tools #6: Build memory and recognition skills using Microsoft Flashcards

This application is called FLASHCARDS and it is an application from Microsoft Education Labs.  I really like the idea of these flashcards. This is a great programme to teach your learners at school to use. They could use it for anything where facts are important - vocabulary recognition, spelling, history etc. This tool is available as a free resource on the Microsoft Educator's Network. We invite you to join this amazing network with its large collection of resources, lessons and tutorials.  Flashcards can be downloaded from this link

When we were in Seattle some time back one of the group designed flashcards about Seattle, and at the time I was really taken with the idea.


How to use Flashcards
Microsoft Partners in learning UK has a video available on how to use this flashcards application.

Classroom Use
You can't overestimate the importance of using flashcards in the classroom, especially in a Foundation Phase classroom.
* Introducing new vocabulary

*Practising vocabulary

*Practising Maths bonds

However this application is useful for any classroom:
*Create a revision tool in one of the subjects you teach
*Show your students how to create a revision tool with this application.
*Students can do revision and test themselves using this application

*Flashcards are a great way to test your knowledge when you’re learning a foreign language, 

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