Friday, 30 May 2014

Office 365 #3: Set up a team site for each of your classes


Office 365 core service: SharePoint
You can set up team sites for each of your classes using SharePoint. These can be sub-sites from a main student subject site, and further sub-sites from these. A site hierarchy for the Life Sciences students might look something like this:

Sub-sites are easy to set up using SharePoint and they work the same as their parent site. Just follow our guide and explore your Office 365 SharePoint features. You can always delete anything you are not happy with.

A class site can keep everyone up to date with work and assessment progress using have pictures, a calendar, video, presentations etc.

SharePoint is great for organising your learning resources and keeping everything for each grade and class in one place so that the students can access them at any time and from anywhere. This can also be a great help to teachers by saving time and effort reproducing resources as each new academic year starts. Your sites become a fantastic source of materials for learning and teaching.

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