Friday, 28 February 2014

Lesson idea #5: Create goals for the year with your students using Glossi is a great new publishing platform that enables anyone to create and share their own digital magazines across devices…free. It looked like a great application to use with a Middle School class and I decided to use it as the end point in a lesson about setting goals.


The aim of the lesson
The students work in groups and discuss goal-setting. They select relevant categories for goal setting. Individually they create their own specific goals for each category and display their top six goals on a Glossi digital publication.

My preparation involved getting to know Glossi and practising the lesson before the actual day. Here is a downloadable presentation that I created to aid the students in case they needed to view it.

The lesson

1. I used a variation of the following image to create a different way for the students to form groups of three. The pieces had no names on them and the students had to find their group members.


2. After sharing their group discussions the class selected seven categories for goals.
•School goals:
•Personal goals:
•Friendship goals:
•Spiritual goals:
•Hobby goals:
•Future goals
•Sport goals:

3. Each person created their own goals for each category and displayed their top eight on a Glossi. As they learned about how to use Glossi I loved the way they shared their tips, ideas and discoveries.

The results

image image
image image
image image

Two examples of a finished Glossi

My evaluation of Glossi
The students loved using this media. It is a great tool to use to display work in a digital magazine format. I’d like to use it with some of the lower grades as well. 

Further examples of what can be done with
I came across these two digital magazines created with Glossi. Take a look:

1. Awesome digital mash-up tools for creating online learning content
2. Warning! Reading must be fun!

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