Friday, 4 October 2013

Wonderful Symbaloo mixes to share with your Foundation Phase Learners

One of my favourite people to follow is Matt Gomez who has a Kindergarden blog He shares amazing ideas for the Foundation Phase classroom on his blog.   Through him I was introduced to the potential of using Symbaloo in the classroom. Last year I wrote a post entitled ‘Get to know Symbaloo as a bookmarking or curation tool’ which explained how to create a Symbaloo mix.

In this post I want to highlight some of my favourite Symbaloo mixes for Foundation Phase learners. I found these wonderful Symbaloo collections on the Kinderchat Symbaloo webmix site. this site you’ll find great selections of free e-books, online stories, songs etc.

Just click on the image (or the link) below to be taken to the actual mix where you can listen to or watch the various media.

1) National Geographic e-books


2) Online stories


3) Sesame Street popular videos


4)  Letter sounds


Uses for Symbaloo in the classroom
1) You can find out what other Symbaloo users are doing and learn from them using the easy Share and Gallery options.

2) You can create a starter page of Intenet sites for your students to use on a project – or your students can create their own.

3) Symbaloo opens its tiles in a new window so that the original always remains as a reference point. It can be used really well with webquests.

4) As a teacher you can save your favourite tools so that they are always handy for you to use.

5) You can use it an Index post for a number of blog posts you have created around a topic.

6) I love the way this teacher uses Symbaloo in his kindergarden class.

7) Listen to this Grade 7 student from the post showing what she does with Symbaloo showing what she does using Symbaloo

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