Thursday, 24 October 2013

Lesson Ideas #1: A lesson idea on using to summarise online videos

Submitted by Fiona Beal
In this scenario I would like to teach a Grade 8 or 9 class how to easily summarise a video using the fantastic free, online application

  1. Ensure that each student has a Google ID so that they can link to their Google Drive which comes with a Google ID. (All free!)
  2. Create a presentation on to show your students.
  3. Locate the online video URL you wish to use. In my case I want the students to create their own blogs in our next lesson, so I have chosen a YouTube video that will introduce them to blogging.
  1. There are so many amazing educational videos in YouTube. How does one easily make notes from a video? Have a discussion on this and elicit ideas from the students.
  2. Introduce the students to Google Drive. Make sure they know how to log in to their Google Drive account. (Keep a private record of usernames and passwords)
  3. The students look at this presentation on to consider if they would include this as a way to view and summarise online videos

4.  Use to summarise an online video about blogging or whatever you want them see. This is the YouTube video called ‘How to blog’. 

What is a blog?

5.  The students open and then open the blogging video in Videonotes. They summarise the video.

Reviewing the students’ work

The documents are neatly shared in the folder I have created for their work.


The beauty of using Google Drive is that the students can share their work with me via email. I can review it and when it comes to I can see if they captured what I asked them to look for and then share my feedback via a Google Drive email.

Webinar recording

The SchoolNet webinar recording on using can be accessed in this post.

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