Friday, 13 September 2013

Chrome extensions #3: What is a credible webpage? Let Easybib help you decide!

Easybib is a free Chrome extension that has two useful functions:
  • The first is to tell you whether a website is credible or not. If the source has not yet been evaluated Easybib will let you know.
  • Its second function is to enable to to provide a quick citation of your sources in a bibliography. The bookmarklet will create a properly formulated citation for you.

I really like the Easybib website that gives a clear description of how to evaluate a website. It has been embedded below. The website gives a lot more useful information for students and teachers.

Visit the Easybib website
Click on the bottom right hand corner of this image to be taken to the original enlarged PowerPoint web app for easier viewing

Find out more about Easybib in this YouTube tutorial

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