Monday, 10 June 2013

Have you discovered Learnist boards? Try creating one...

Submitted by Fiona Beal
With the Internet being so HUGE educators have to become master curators of content. I like this definition  from Robin Good (


A Learnist Board is a really useful way to curate the information that you need. I love using Pinterest and I love using Scoopit, but what I like about Learnist is that it is only one column and you can set it out in steps of your own choosing.

Take a look around a Grade 1 teacher’s Learnist Boards
Take a look around Carrie Sorenson’s Learnist boards. This is a screencast (without voice) just showing how this teacher has used Learnist to curate information that she wants to keep.

How to create a Learnist Board
Here is a presentation on creating a Learnist Board that I made as a recent TeachMeet presentation.

Embed your Learnist board in your blog
One of the newer improvements in Learnist boards is that you can embed them in your blog. So, to date I have created two Learnist boards and I am going to try embedding them in this post.

1) iPad summit collection, Boston 2013

I didn't go to the iPad summit in Boston, last year but I followed it closely and created a Learnist board about it.

2) Great tips for creating PowerPoint presentations

Education uses of Learnist boards
  • Keeps all resources together in a particular order
  • It is accessible from wherever one is
  • One can share a board with others
  • One can follow others with similar interests.
  • Students could also use Learnist for a project to show the sites they used
  • Is available as an Ipad and an Android app

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