Friday, 3 May 2013

Webinar recording: Add your story to PowerPoint and illustrate it (03/05/2013)

The webinar summary
In this webinar, which supports our online course on Digital Storytelling, we will add our already created story to PowerPoint and find ways of illustrating it.

Webinar recording
The webinar attempts to pull together the different aspects for this week.  Thank you to those who attended. I am adding the 6pm webinar:

The presentation used for the webinar

I have put the presentation used in the webinar into Slideshare and here it is:

A contribution on avatars from Thaiurie  Govender
During the webinar Thaiurie mentioned another possibility as far as illustrating a story goes – namely the use of avatars and speech bubbles, and kindly sent me a presentation with ideas about creating avators which I am embedding here. Thank you SO much Thaiurie.

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