Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Join the TeachMeet at Elkanah House in Cape Town Saturday 8th June.

TeachMeets are short two-hour events  where teachers teach teachers about what they are doing in their classes to promote technology. This could be a lesson or idea where they use iPads, tablets or PCs. We love to keep track of where this happens in South Africa on our TeachMeet-South Africa wiki ( so that we can promote the TeachMeet and follow the event on Twitter. Consequently we would like to advertise the 17th TeachMeet in SA (to our Knowledge) which will take place at Elkanah House in Cape Town Saturday 8th June.

You can sign up for the TeachMeet on Linda Fowlkes Teachmeet wiki (


Here is a little summary of a TeachMeet given by Linda

What is a TeachMeet?

A tiny professional development “un-conference” where teachers get together to simply share ideas or lessons using ICT as a tool using different devices. If one cannot attend but would like to share…why not Skype or submit a video which I will present for you.

How long is a TeachMeet?

2 hours [if you only have an hour, that’s ok!

What happens at a TeachMeet?

On sign-up one indicates whether to attend as:
1. Keen Bean – prepare and share a 3 min idea or lesson
2. Enthusiastic Lurker – relax, learn and absorb!

How do I sign up?

1. Email
2. Visit the TeachMeet website on:
3. via the Faceboolk event:

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