Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Webinar recording: how do I add a free license to my digital writing? (17/04/2013)

The webinar summary:
This webinar supports our current course on digital storytelling. What is the deal when we post information online? Can anybody use it? This webinar looks at free licensing supplied by Creative Commons and shows how to apply it. It will also show the free licensing we will use for our digital stories.

Webinar recording
It will be useful to listen to the webinar to get the full gist of what is being said about licensing. Thank you to those who attended. I am adding the 6pm webinar:

The presentation used for the webinar
SlideShare is a useful free tool for sharing PowerPoints, Keynotes or PDFs on the web. I use it constantly. I have put my presentation into Slideshare, and please notice that I have pasted the same license that we will use on to the title page! That’s how easy it is to license something!

What if this is all too complicated for me?
That's how I used to think! But don't worry - all you need to get from the whole licensing issue is that we will send you a little tiny, block to paste on your story or your learners' stories (like I have done on the presentation in the webinar recording above). 

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