Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Unicef’s FREE World Education Games are about to start 5-7 March…hurry…hurry!


Something very exciting is about to take place in education nxt week – Unicef’s World Education Games, all free! Want to know more?  Let’s go over to the official website to investigate further. http://www.worldeducationgames.com/WEG2013#2. If you look around on the website you’ll see there are lovely resources to download.  The website also tells us about the programme and the games, and asks us to register.


World Maths Day: 5th March
World Literacy Day: 6th March
World Science day: 7th March

Wow, this looks so inviting. Students are invited to compete against other students around the world in the World Education Games, which includes a Maths challenge as well as a Science and Literacy challenge. Children aged four to 18 are invited to participate, all for free. Why don’t you think about registering. This looks like fun and a good challenge for a class.

Each country selects “ambassadors” from the year before and our South African ambassadors this year are Amy Coningsby, a Grade 6 learner from Brescia House, and an 8-year-old named Zeyn Mahomed from St Johns. These two ambassadors were among the top performers in last year’s South African Maths Challenge. They are extremely enthusiastic about their role in the 2013 World Education Games and learners can keep up to date with their activities via the navigation section e on the website entitled ‘Ambassadors’.. http://www.worldeducationgames.com/WEG2013/Ambassadors

Amy from Brescia House

Zen from St Johns

Press releases
If you would like to have more information about the games it would be good to download and read these three press releases

01- Pre-Release - World Education Games 2013.doc
04 - Ambassador Zeyn Mahomed.doc
05 - Ambassador Amy Coningsby.doc

Register soon
So hurry, hurry, hurry and register!  Time is short – this all takes place NEXT WEEK!

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