Saturday, 16 February 2013

TeachMeet season has started in South Africa

In the past year, worldwide, a different kind of professional development movement has started and become very widespread. This type of professional development is called an EdCamp (mostly found in the US) or a TeachMeet, a UK term. In South Africa we have adopted the UK term and have been pleased to see the growth of TeachMeets. These are generally a type of collaborative conferences lasting but a few hours, better known as an 'unconferences' since the attendees are the presenters and the focus is on the needs and wants of those attending.  I like the way one TeachMeet advertised itself - "connecting educators to their most valuable resource - each other!"

Our TeachMeet season has started. SchoolNet started a wiki in 2011 called Teachmeet-South Africa, to keep a record of TeachMeets around South Africa. Please feel free to advertise any informal conferences and unconferences on this wiki. The wiki also explains how TeachMeets work. All you have to do to advertise your event is join the wiki, press edit and then write up the date of your TeachMeet. 

TeachMeet in Somerset West
This took place last week and was a most enjoyable event. To find out more about it read the post TeachMeet at Somerset House on Weds 13th Feb–an inspiring evening

TeachMeet in East London
Two schools in East London are taking turns in holding the TeachMeet. Last year Stirling Primary was the host and now it is Clarendon Primary's turn on Tuesday 13 March from 3-5pm. Read more about this event on the TeachMeet South Africa wiki and please do consider participating if you live in the area. 

Brescia House, Johannesburg  'How do I do IT in my class' day
Brescia House in Johannesburg is holding an 'How do you do IT in your class?' day 16 March 2013. This sounds as though it could be a great occasion where lots of ideas will be shared. 

What's your view? Do you think a TeachMeet is a viable form of Professional Development.

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