Monday, 3 December 2012

30 Days of Google #12: How to send a message and share a circle using Google+

Google circles are a feature of Google+ and they can be very useful for keeping in contact with a group of people. For example I have a circle called Google PD clan.

How I send a message to the Google PD clan
Whenever I want to send something to that group this is what I would do:

1. In my Google+ stream I would write a message.


2. Decide which circle or person I am going to send it to, select them and press ‘Share’ (in this case to a circle called  Google PD clan).


How would I share the whole circle with the Google PD clan?
If one creates a specific circle for a specific purpose (such as my 'Google PD clan' circle),  I could actually share my my whole circle with the group members.  To do this I would choose the option to 'share a circle'.  The group members would then receive the shared circle option/invite but would have to accept it and name it.  


Why not try sharing a circle?

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