Friday, 23 November 2012

30 Days of Google #9: Google Apps in the classroom

It’s incredible what you come across on the Internet. While I was researching today I came across a fantastic video presentation (webinar) showing 32 ways of  using Google Apps in the classroom. I am very keen to learn all I can about Google Apps so I immediately bookmarked it and thought I would share it here. This webinar was presented by Julia Stilitz, Google Apps for Education Team @juliastiglitz

The write-up says, ”This session will demonstrate some of the most powerful ways that teachers can leverage Google Apps tools in their classrooms. From using Google Docs for collaborative lesson planning with grade level colleagues, to using Google Chat to have a virtual guest lecturer in your classroom, to giving your students a formative assessment through Google forms, this session will show you had to get the most out of Google Apps.

32 ways of using Google Apps by Julia Stilitz on YouTube

I was lucky enough to find the Slideshare presentation of the same video/webinar (uploaded by someone else) so that you can just view the slides without sound should you so wish.

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