Thursday, 22 November 2012

30 Days of Google #8: Get to know Google+ (Includes a webinar recording)

Social networking is a way of life for most teachers today. It is a marvelous way for us to share and learn about new ideas that can really enhance our teaching. We know about social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for example, all designed to let you share up-to-the second updates, ideas, thoughts, links and media with your colleagues. But have you discovered Google+? This is a social network of note that I have only recently explored. One thing I am discovering about Google is that they usually bring a very creative and different slant, with additional features, to something that others might be doing; and the result is very pleasing.  These are a few features which makes Google different from the other social networking networks.
  • Google has integrated Google+ with its other services (and continues to do so) e.g.Search, YouTube, Gmail and more.  Google+ is already built into services you use every day.
  • Google+ uses the concept of circles (groups), and this differentiates it from Facebook for example as it allows users precise control over who sees what. 
  • Google includes the free use of 'hangouts' with Google+ and this feature has incredible positive implications for education. 
Slideshare presentation
This is a Slideshare on Google +. It covers:
What is Google +
•Highlights of interesting features
•How to write a post
•How to receive a notification
Benefits to education 

'Google Hangouts' will receive a post of its own later. 

Get to know Google plus! from Fiona Beal

Webinar recording
This Slideshare was presented as part of a SchoolNet Adobe Connect webinar on Google+. If you would like to know what was said, here is the webinar recording: Get to know Google+

Further reading
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