Tuesday, 28 August 2012

30 days of webtools: #23 Use Mybrainshark to create online Powerpoints with voice plus more...

Mybrainshark is a place where you can easily create videos from your PowerPoint slides...but not only from PowerPoint slides! You can also add your voice to documents, a series of photos, and even voice over to a video or else the video with its own sounds. It is a fantastic free programme! So open Mybrainshark on http://www.brainshark.com

My first attempt: How to make a Mybrainshark

My first attempt at a Mybrainshark was just to upload a PowerPoint on how to make a Mybrainshark and add voice to it. I just loved how easy it was and how you could read your speaker notes from the PowerPoint on screen as you narrated. 

My second attempt: How to make a blog

In my second attempt I became more ambitious:

a) I added a PowerPoint with voice on how to make a blog (in case you have come to the conclusion that you need your own blog to embed tools as you make them!)

b) After add the PowerPoint I also added a movie with its own voice which was exciting - because that meant I had added two different media.

c) Thirdly I added an attachment which was the PowerPoint I used for the webinar last night. By the way, if you hover your mouse at the top of this page you'll see the attachment - this evening's presentation!  Anyone can download the attachment by just clicking on it. How is that!!! 

Last night's webinar recording

Last night's webinar was a short 15-20 minute presentation on how to make a Mybrainshark. The recording can be located at:

Classroom uses

*Photo journal of an outing with narration
*Students can present a good project with a great mix of media
*Great for a flipped classroom experience – giving instructions via a blog with voice
*If a teacher can’t be in a class that day she can send instructions this way. 

*My brainshark is useful for listening skills lessons where just the podcast section can be 
*The fact that you can edit everything at any time means it
 also allows reflection as learners get a chance to produce, present, edit, re-present, re-appraise during a further presentation.

*Students could make a short film as part of a project and add a commentary.  They could, for example, detail information about how the film was made, where it was filmed and why they directed it in a certain way.   The original film needs to have no or minimal sound as voiceover can be added.  Background music can be added 

There must be a whole lot more uses that I haven't yet thought of.
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