Friday, 10 August 2012

30 Days of webtools #18: Use Spiderscribe to create a more advanced mindmap

I also like to use Spiderscribe to mindmap as you can do so much more with it than with With Spiderscribe you can easily make a very engaging attractive mindmap:
*you can add a text note, and even include active weblinks
*you can add photos,
*you can attach Word documents or PDFs
*you can attach maps
*you can attach calendar events
. Below you can see more clearly the five elements you can add. Spiderscribe can  be accessed at  

Below you can see what a Spiderscribe mindmap could look like. You can add a lot more colour than is shown here. This image is taken from Richard Byrne's post on Spiderscribe.  It shows the five different items now added to the mindmap. Spiderscribe also easily allows  collaboration between students.  

Here is a YouTube video tutorial that seems to explain how to create a Spiderscribe mindmap quite well.

Sharing a Spiderscribe mindmap

Under the word Share, choose your sharing options and email the person you want to collaborate with.

Mindmapping in the classroom

1. Spiderscribe especially is great to use in subjects like History or Geography because the students can make concept maps and add pictures, word documents plus organise the map in such a way that it can be remembered easily.

2. For English classes this can be used to summarise a novel, or create notes on something they are studying. 

3. This is a great way to collect information for a project as well and also to collaborate on projects. 

4. In Language classes students can brainstorm and outline a story they are planning to write

A challenge

*Please try out one of these tools and if you create something do share it with us.
*Please also add any other ideas you may have for using a mindmap in class.


  1. Hi Fiona,
    I used last year with the grade 5 class in computer time to make summaries of their SS work before exams. I shared the website with parents aswell - we even printed mindmaps which they then added to their workbooks to learn from.
    I am so excited about spiderscribe! The 2012 gr 5 class is busy with Ancient Egypt and I am going to let them use spiderscribe to make more interesting mindmaps on this topic.
    Thanks for all the wonderful tools you're sharing.

  2. its great to use in visual arts classroom because we use mind maps all the time and this is a way that students can create online VAD's