Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Microsoft webinar tonight 25th July at 6.30 pm: LEAP21 series -Assessing 'Knowledge Building'

This evening 25th July (and for another three Wednesdays after that) Microsoft Partners in Learning, Johannesburg is running a LEAP21 series of webinars on assessing 21st Century skills, from 6 - 6:30 pm using their Lync webinar software. This webinar series will focus on innovative teaching and learning approaches and how the LEAP21 material supports this. It will be of special interest to teachers who wish to enter innovative projects for the Partners in Learning Forum in 2013. The webinar on the 18th was about ASSESSING COLLABORATION.  The webinar tonight on the 25th July at 6:30pm will be about assessing KNOWLEDGE-BUILDING

Previous blogpost about these webinars

I wrote a previous blogpost about these webinars a week ago when announcing the first one on Collaboration on 17 July 2012

How to join the webinar
Join ALL these online meetings at this web address
More about tonight’s webinar on 'knowledge-building'

Big idea: Knowledge building happens when students do more than reproduce what they have learned: they go beyond knowledge reproduction to generate ideas and understandings that are new to them. Activities that require knowledge building ask students to interpret, analyse, synthesize, or evaluate information or ideas. 

What you need to do to prepare for tonight

1. Think about this question: Are students required to build knowledge? Is that knowledge interdisciplinary?

2. Make sure your system can manage the Lync by reading/downloading the following information

3. Take a look at the lesson plan worksheet

Please join us at 6pm if you are free. Presenter is Megan Rademeyer.

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  1. Thanks Fiona...just got back from Nelspruit ..will be joining Hentie