Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Class Dojo–a fantastic classroom motivational tool

Submitted by Fiona Beal
I have always loved creating a classroom spirit in my classes and one way of doing this is introducing plenty of motivational tools to encourage the learners. I was absolutely delighted recently when I came across this Glogster advertising two teachers' use of a classroom motivational tool called Class Dojo. This is something that would work so well in a primary school classroom. Caitlin Jones and Erin Schudde did a fantastic job of this Glogster, don't you agree? (I wish I could embed it but it is too big). 


So, inspired by this amazing presentation of Class Dojo, I decided to try it out at I think it is a fantastic innovation. As I tried it out I took screenshots of what I did so have added them here as a slideshow. Why not give Class Dojo a try and see if it works for you?


  1. Hi Fiona - Kalen from ClassDojo here. Thank you so much for the wonderful blog post! Our small team really appreciates, and is honored, by the support! We'd love to connect on Skype sometime and hear how we can better serve teachers in South Africa. I'll reach out on Twitter, but shoot me an email at and we can set something up! :)

    If anyone who comes across this post has any questions about ClassDojo or needs help getting set up, please do not hesitate to reach out - Cheers!

  2. I think this could be used in middle school as well, especially in an encore class where students come bi-weekly. I used this in elmentary school and have made the jump to middle. I see my students controlling the resource themselves and uploading their on images. Great way to pick a technology team for podcast and school assitance, while maintaining an attentive and engaged classroom.