Monday, 16 April 2012

A quick, free way to run meetings

Submitted by Fiona Beal
Today I came across this meeting site which said. “Meet Face to Face Online, hang out with co-workers and teams, run as many meetings as you want, no software or signups needed. Best of all, it's free”. This sounded great – almost like a free group Skype but maybe with video? The site is called ‘’ and the address is

Step 1: To start off you click on ‘Get a meeting room’.

Step 2: This takes you to a meeting room number that you can enter at any time.

Step 3: You now enter the meeting room with your name.


Step 4: You are asked a question about your bandwidth.

Step 5: It asks if you want to allow to access your cameras and microphone

I didn’t go any further than that, but this looks good! I think I’ll try it out on some colleagues later.Another look at the site shows amazing features.  This site looks well worth exploring.

Application for schools:
1. Groups could use this to discuss and plan group projects at home.
2. If you are in a collaborative global project this site could be used for discussions.
3. Teachers could have a quick meeting from home when time for a meeting doesn't fit into the school day.

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