Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Lesotho gets Skyping

Submitted by Megan Rademeyer
Microsoft’s annual Skype-a-Thon is a 48-hour long event that aims to connect classrooms across continents, travelling over 10 million virtual miles and connecting half a million students. Between 28 and 29 November 2017 a number of schools in South Africa and Lesotho got involved by connecting with other students, sharing stories, playing games and collaborating on subjects that the classes shared in common.

Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Mpho Phakisi of Lesotho got her students involved in the Skype-A-Thon. She connected her learners from Phethahatso English Medium Community School with learners in Libya, Malaysia, Russia, Canada and France.

As exciting as it was for the Lesotho learners to get to speak to learners from different countries, it was as exciting for the foreign learners to connect with children from the mountain kingdom – in a small country they had possibly never heard of. 

Mpho said, "We had a great session with Aliff Othman class from Malaysia touring their Art classroom"

Mpho has recently completed an Advanced Certificate in Teaching part-time through the University of the Free State and enjoys integrating technology into her lessons. By being part of the Skype-A-Thon, Mpho earned her Skype Explorer badge on the Microsoft Educator Community for participating in five Skype in the Classroom sessions.

Mpho commented that her learners were so motivated by the experience that they want to share their activities and their culture in next year's Skype-a-thon.

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