Saturday, 28 October 2017

Webinar recording and presentation download link for 'We can code it' by Nomusa Keninda

On Thursday 26th October 2017 at 3:15pm we held a free SchoolNet webinar entitled 'We can code it - An introduction to Scratch and coding' which was presented by Nomusa Keninda, Senior E- Learning Specialist in the Mpumalanga Department of Education and founder of the Mpumalanga ICT Club. Coding is becoming a vital skill that should be part of every classroom. Scratch is a great, free, online program to introduce to your learners. Learners as young as 5 years can use Scratch to express their online creations while collaborating and sharing with other online users.

Webinar description
Nomusa says, "Coding is a new language every child deserves to be fluent. Introducing learners into Basic Computer Science like Coding is the best thing you can give to them. This Webinar will equip teachers, NGOs or NPOs and everyone who deals with kids and youth with a new skill of coding. Teachers spent time explaining a concept like food chain in the Natural Science classroom instead of giving learners a task to go and Code the food chain using a Scratch. Is it not fantastic to send the kids to Code about any subject or topic in discussion. Let's try it and see if we can understand the Food Chain using Scratch language."

The downloadable webinar presentation
Here is the downloadable presentation from the webinar available online in SlideShare from this link

'We can code it'- Introduction to Scratch and Coding by Nomusa keninda from SchoolNet SA

Webinar recording
The webinar recording can be listened to and viewed on the following YouTube link:

SchoolNet presents a free webinar once a month.

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