Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Hlengiwe Mfeka inspired at the Woman's Day 'Dare to be Red' breakfast in Pietermaritzburg

SchoolNet’s Hlengiwe Mfeka had the opportunity to attend a Women’s  Breakfast at the Golden Horse Casino in Pietermaritzburg last week.    It was a charity fund-raising event organised by the Community Chest and proved to be an inspiring morning.
It started with a fun five minute body workout in the form of a dance led by one lady while the audience followed her movements.  She gave a brief talk on the importance of moving every day.  She made one statement which was memorable, "If you are judgmental to yourself so will people be towards you".

She was followed by another guest speaker, Thabisile Ndlela who is a manager from Mkhambithini Municipality.   She took the delegates through her life’s journey and highlighted some of her lessons learnt from it:
1.       Put confidence in other women (someone did that to her)
2.       Take one girl child and mentor ie. will change communities
3.       Mobilize other women
4.       Give another person a space to shine (she sang praises to Nomsa Dube-Ncube for doing that to her)
5.       Assist where you can to fight poverty
6.       Uplift each other
7.       Find someone who would speak to your life everyday (eg. via YouTube)
8.       You must have a mentor and a mentee

Hlengiwe liked this speaker the most –because she was such a powerful speaker with a strong message. 

She was followed by another speaker called Nash, who spoke from the heart and had a similar list of lessons learnt from life:
1.       be a pillar of strength for another person
2.       make others feel good about themselves
3.       empower yourself
4.       involve yourself in humanitarian work - give back
5.       kind words are a charity on its own
and this humorous one:
6.       Behind every successful man  - there is a surprised mother in law J
These inspiring feel-good talks were followed by music and dance entertainment.  There were then prize draws and fundraising items. Hlengiwe’s take-away from the whole event was that in doing something for another person one finds joy and contentment in oneself.

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