Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Wow! Free Gr 10-12 Maths and Science live lessons every afternoon from, plus more...

This is a guest post from "When we looked into teaching methods, the research absolutely upended our preconceptions. It basically showed that kids in rural spaces were hungry to learn and use technology. Chances were slim that equipment would be stolen, vandalised or misused - they were desperate to use what they were provided with in order to improve themselves." says 2Enable Founder, Michael Matthews.

2Enable.Org has just launched free live IPTV lessons using Skype Broadcast! Initially we are broadcasting Grade 10 to 12 Maths and Science lessons by Ms Candace Rennie, the former Head of Science at Rosebank Progress College. These lessons take place in the afternoons, Monday to Friday until November 2016.

How to enrol
Learners are encouraged to register at no cost on and enrol in the applicable subjects. Once enrolled, the link to the live lessons will show on their personalised calendar. A simple click on the calendar and a click on the broadcast will see them receiving a valuable 45 minute lesson.

Lessons published daily on social media
Alternatively, learners or teachers can keep an eye on our social media platforms, where details on the lessons will be published daily. A click on the link will take them directly to the broadcast with no need for a 2Enable profile or a Skype account.

Missed lessons
Missed the lesson? No problem. By following the same methods, learners are able to view a recording of the particular lesson.

About 2 Enable.Org
2EnableOrg is a web-based application targeting education and NPO's in SA to help the sector and students achieve excellence for free. We deliver educational content using digital learning centres or any internet connected computer or computer network.

School in the Cloud
2Enable is an online educational platform developed by Casterbridge Music Development Academy (CMDA), a registered non-profit organisation. Our School in the Cloud, which is currently being populated with content and assessments, is designed to provide FREE academic and other meaningful educational content for the benefit of all South Africans using a variety of resources specifically aggregated for the platform. 

All curriculum aligned content is arranged in weekly modules with an online assessment at the end of each module. Currently mathematics and English first additional language grade 1 to 12 and physical science from grade 10 to 12 are loaded on the site. Natural science grades 9 and 10 and life science grades 10 to 12 are currently being added. Music theory, recorder, violin and guitar videos are already available to learners.

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