Thursday, 26 May 2016

CuriosiITy Dinner – Grade 11 girls network with IT professionals at Brescia House School

Submitted by Megan Rademeyer
Traditionally girls don’t choose IT as a career path, nor do they take IT as a subject. As part of the Microsoft Showcase Schools program, Brescia House School Microsoft Student Ambassadors Teaghan Lucas, Nikita Lledo, Munashe Mujaji and Kristina Heynes , were tasked to run a project to promote IT.

On 25 May 2016 the Brescia Microsoft Student Ambassadors hosted a networking dinner for grade 11 girls who are taking either IT or CAT as subjects. The girls were seated with women from the IT industry so that they could find out more about professions that use technology. In addition to networking, the audience enjoyed a talk by Lori Milner on building a personal brand and a presentation by Amu Mombedzi on Girls Who Code.

Omashani Naidoo and Megan Rademeyer attended the dinner and had the delight of chatting to girls from a range of different schools across Gauteng and beyond. It was heart-warming to meet intelligent, thoughtful young women who are excited about using technology and to hear about their career aspirations and study plans.

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