Wednesday, 20 April 2016

MIEExpert Spotlight #11: Kathryn Riva from Cape Town talks about her use of Sway & other applications for a classroom project

This is a guest post from Kathryn Riva, a MIEExpert from Micklefield Primary in Cape Town. Kathryn Used Sway and other applications in a project with her Grade 7s this year. Follow Kathryn on Twitter @kathriva 

"The Grade 7s are required to do a project in the first term in which they have to…
  • Draw a sketch map(s) of own area
  • Include symbols, key and scale
  • Record own observations of land use and kinds of vegetation 
  • Show four cardinal compass directions
I decided to make this project a little more challenging and fun by turning it into a blended learning project.

The class
The Grade 7s busy with their task in the classroom
The task
We started off along the traditional path where the girls were given a Cape Town Street Guide and they had to plot the route from Micklefield School to Cavendish Square Shopping Centre. They then had to draw a sketch map and provide instructions of the route to be taken. This was the planning phase of our project.

In their computer lessons, the girls took a virtual tour of their route on Google Street View. They looked for important landmarks and collected them using Microsoft’s Snipping Tool. The final project required a virtual tour of the planned route to be created and presented as a Microsoft Sway. 

The assessment rubric
The girls had so much fun doing this project and the creations were phenomenal.

Quotes from the girls:

“I had fun exploring Sway and Google Streets, the tools were fun to learn and the more I worked with it the more I enjoyed it ~ Julia
“Once I got the hang of Sway and Google Streets I enjoyed playing around and using them.” ~ Carrie
“I loved the themes and styles of Sway.” ~ Chloe
“I liked seeing the outcome of my Sway.” ~ Josie
“I enjoyed exploring Street View and finding different routes.” ~ Michaela"

Examples of Kathryn's students' Sways:
These are simply lovely:

Find out about Microsoft Sway on the Microsoft Educator Community
You’ll find the Sway website at You can create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, and more. If you are keen to learn about Sway – check out this freeIntroduction to Sway course on the Microsoft Educator Community.

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  1. A lovely lesson idea that I will share with my colleagues. Thank you Kathryn!