Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Eight new stories from the African Storybook Project website

The African Storybook project ( , a wonderful repository of Creative Commons stories, beautifully illustrated, for the children of Africa, has changed its website to a new design. It is not very easy to find your way around the new website and the actual stories don't have links that enable one to find them again. (The only way i could find a link to a story was to email it to myself using the Share button). Nevertheless this is a site every teacher should know about and use in the classroom.

Recently I came across eight new stories that I hadn't seen before. Take a look:

3) How about you?

4) Amazing Daisy 

5) I enjoy

6) My Red Ball

7) Palesa loves plants

So, after you have read a couple of these stories pop over to the African Storybook project website and take a look around. As you do ideas will strike you on how you could use this wonderful website in your classroom.

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