Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Adobe Youth Voices teachers in South Africa - would you like to grow a media project through a financial mini-grant?

Do you need some financial assistance with a project that you are facilitating?

What is this about?
In order to both support youth media making broadly in iEARN and build on the experiences of educators and students from AdobeYouthVoices, iEARN-USA is announcing an iEARN ProjectsProduction and Exhibition Mini-GrantsProgram open to the entire network.

Any iEARN participants who are facilitating an iEARN project or who are participating in an iEARN project and would like to support a production and/or exhibition component of the project are eligible to apply. The goal of the AYV mini-grants program is to maximize the reach and impact of youth-made media in iEARN and to celebrate young people’s collaborative project outcomes - not just the work of a single student or class, but the collective efforts of young people around the world who are working in a project. iEARN participants can apply for small grants, ranging from $300 - $1250,to support their media project work.

What are examples of eligible activities? 
Example media production and exhibition activities eligible for AYV Mini Grants might include:
  • Anthology of creative writing (poetry, fiction, etc.) 
  • Collaborative newspaper/journal/magazine 
  • Photography/art exhibition 
  • Comic/animations 
  • Video festival 
  • Joint song or music video 
  • Graphic design challenge

What is the timeline for the mini grant application and media activities?

  • November 14, 2015 Application Deadline 
  • November 30, 2015 Application Review and Selection 
  • December 4, 2015 Announcement of mini grant recipients 
  • December 2015 – June 2016 Media project production and exhibition activities 
  • June/July 2015 iEARN Project Showcase - both online and at the 2016 iEARN Conference and Youth Summit in Pune, India 
Who can apply?
This program is open to all in iEARN, not just those who have been involved in Adobe Youth Voices to date. Educators and youth who have been participating in Adobe Youth Voices are encouraged to apply as part of existing iEARN projects, or are welcome to propose new project activities in iEARN that relate to their earlier Adobe Youth Voices activities. If applying for a mini-grant as part of a new project activity, applicants are encouraged to follow the standard process of proposing a new project idea in iEARN. (see the introduction of the iEARN Project Book for tips on starting a new project in iEARN - http://iearn.org/iearn-project-book )

What are the selection criteria?
iEARN Projects Production and Exhibition Mini-Grants will be selected on the following criteria:
  • The media production and exhibition activities must relate to a new or existing iEARN project that is open to the network. 
  • The proposed activities must have a youth media focus and must have a product that can be presented or shared with the iEARN community. 
  • Proposed activities must include the collective work participants across different schools, classes, and/or countries
How to apply
iEARN participants interested in applying for the iEARN Projects Production and Exhibition Mini Grants should prepare the following information and submit an application using the link below:
  • Description of the media project production or exhibition activity and related iEARN project.
  • Goals and intended outcomes of the project. 
  • Description and timeline of collaborative activities for the project. 
  • Budget description. 
  • Short recommendation letter from iEARN Country Coordinator 
  • Short recommendation letter from iEARN Project Facilitator (if applicant is not the facilitator). 

If you are interested please contact omashani@schoolnet.org.za for more information. 

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