Monday, 11 January 2016

Have you discovered Microsoft's Create documents, journal entries and collections with it...

Submitted by Fiona Beal
Today when I was browsing the net I cam upon an interesting publication called The Feed #3 hosted in Docs. com. It reminded me of SlideShare. On closer examination I discovered that is a file sharing site from Microsoft that lets you share many of your Microsoft Office files with other people. The interesting thing is that when you share, the file formats of your files are unchanged. The Feed #3, then, is Microsoft PowerPoint embedded and shared online. I also discovered that with you can create documents, journal entries and collections. This is a great application to explore.

How do you go about using

1. Visit Microsoft’s
Head over to and look for the Sign In button. You’ll find it right over on the right side.

Click on Sign in and it will take you to the actual sign in page. I signed in with my Microsoft account.

2. Take a look at your new  profile
When it opens you’ll see a new profile awaiting you. It has a sunset background which you can edit to create something of your own choosing.

3. Let’s look around
This is a really interesting site. It seems that you can create a journal, a document or a collection.

a) Create a journal

This is a place to share your thoughts regularly for others to see. If you are publishing content on, try using your Journal to share some behind-the-scenes info about it. These kinds of posts can help you to connect easily with others.  It seems easy enough to create a post. The posts are made using Sway.
  1. Click [Create post].
  2. Add content on the editing page, which is powered by Sway. If you are familiar with Sway, you will feel at home on the editing page right away.
  3. Click [Publish] to publish your post.
b)  Documents

Now let’s look at Documents.

When you click on Add New you are taken to a selection page drop down menu with the option of Journal post, Document and Collection.  I selected Document.

It seems you can add Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF files. You can also import files from Sway, OneDrive, your computer or Office Mix.  In addition you can add a URL. Amazing! Later you can choose who can see your documents.

c) Collections

Let’s look at Collections.  When you click on Add New you are given the option of journal post, document or collection. I will choose Collection.

When I click on Collection I am shown a window which asks me to name my collection and choose the privacy options. I aam quite excited about what I am going to find under collections because at the moment I use to collect Microsoft posts during the week and I am wondering if this will be a good alternative. I am going to label it Useful Microsoft posts this week #34 as a practise run.

It asks me to start collecting.sites and adding them to the collection. I added twelve sites and their images. The great thing is that I am able to embed this collection in this blog post! Here it is!

By the way....if you haven't yet done so why not think about joining the Microsoft Educator Community (free)? It enables you to connect and collaborate with other educators around the world and gain easy access to lessons created by educators for educators? Head over to: 

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