Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Plan to encourage your Grade 10-12 maths students to register for the free Microsoft Math online revision program in 2016

In our increasingly online, digital world, there is one free application Grade 10-12 Maths students cannot do without...Microsoft Math. It is a free, online high school learning support service for Grade 10-12 students in South Africa and globally) that provides:
  • thousands of maths exercises 
  • examples of how to solve them
  • theory and tests
  • instant, interactive feedback

Best is that these are presented in an engaging way and they aree based precisely on the national curriculum of the country concerned. In the case of South Africa this would be the Grade 10-12 CAPS curriculum.  Visit for more details.

Features of Microsoft Math
  • Offers students 24/7 access to interactive maths learning
  • Game-like approach 
  • Offers social support
  • Provides an opportunity for students to collaborate with classmates and friends – or compete with them to see who can reach the top of the rankings. 
  • Helps teachers to improve their own skills and working methods. Teachers gain access to a rich exercise bank to ease class planning. The interactive system provides them clearer understanding of their students’ skills – and a new channel to communicate with and motivate them.
  • Can be undertaken on any digital device
Prepare for 2016
If you are a Grade 10-12 Maths teacher why not consider exploring this great application before returning to school in January? You'll be amazed at what you find! Visit

Join the Microsoft Educator Community
Why not join the Microsoft Educator Community (free) and connect and collaborate around the world and gain easy access to lessons created by educators for educators: 

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