Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How to open and view an emailed PDF document on a mobile device

Generally if you are going to send documents to another person via email, the safest and most popular format to use is the PDF format. This is because the PDF format keeps the formatting in the document intact but also because free applications to open PDFs can be easily downloaded from the Internet.

Opening emailed PDFs on Android devices
Android devices can view PDF files easily by downloading Google Drive, a free application,  from the Google Play store, that is, if it is not already installed on your device.

Download the Google Drive app
  1. Touch the Google Play icon on your Android device.  (You will need to be connected to the Internet.)
  2. Find and install the application called Google Drive.
  3. On your phone or tablet home screen, click the Google Drive app icon.
Open a PDF attachment in an email message - Android
Opening a PDF attachment in an email message will involve automatically opening the PDF in a viewer app. Your email app could also rather opt to save it in your Downloads folder – it depends on the email program that you use. I use Gmail so this is what happens on my Android phone:

a) Simply click on the PDF and it opens in the PDF viewer provided by Google Drive
b) One can download it to the device in which it would go to the download section
c) It can be saveed in Google Drive

Open a PDF attachment in an email message - iPad
To open on an iPad with Google Drive app installed it will give me the same options but in a different way.

a) Only the Save in Google Drive icons will show on the PDF.
b) When clicking on the PDF to open it, it will open and the upload button will give a large number of options for where to save the PDF, one of which will be Google Drive.

Other Android Apps that can open PDFs

Other iPad apps that can open PDFs

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