Thursday, 24 December 2015

Create a simple New Year greeting using Microsoft PowerPoint…

It is very simple to create  a lovely New Year’s greeting to put on Facebook or a blog using Microsoft PowerPoint. It takes next to no time! We have done this for two year’s running now.

What do you need
  • PowerPoint installed on your device or you can use the free PowerPoint online found in OneDrive
  • A free PowerPoint template
  • Some creativity…
Steps to creating an image greeting
1. Search for Free Happy New Year PowerPoint templates using your browser. I came up with a selection from a site called Presentation Magazine which says ‘55,590 Free PowerPoint Templates and Backgrounds’

2. Select on that you like and download it as a PowerPoint template. For example:

You’ll notice that the words on the template are all editable

3. To save your slide as a JPEG so that it can be uploaded to a site of your choice, all you have to do is:
  • Click on your slide
  • Go to File/Save as
  • Choose where you want to save it and select JPEG or PNG

4. Your device will ask you if you want to save every slide or just this slide. Select ‘Current Slide only’.

View and use your final image as you desire. The image shown below will be uploaded to Facebook and Twitter!

Happy New Year to all our SchoolNet friends. We wish you the best year yet in 2016.  

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