Thursday, 29 October 2015

Get your Grade 10-12 Maths students registered on the free Microsoft Math online programme to practise for the upcoming exams


What is Microsoft Math?

Microsoft Math is an online space where our South Africa Mathematics learners can practice, learn. collaborate and compete with one another using their smart phones after school hours.  They can also use the program on a tablet or a laptop/desktop.

Here are some of the important aspects:
  • This is a free, online, high school learning support service
  • It provides thousands of Maths exercises including examples of how to solve them.
  • It provides theory and tests presented in an engaging way
  • It is based on our CAPS curriculum for Maths
  • The service offers instant, interactive feedback
  • The service is globally available at
Teachers, get your Grades 10-12 students to register if they haven’t already done so. They will really benefit from this opportunity.

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