Friday, 9 October 2015

Examples of Google Sites used for education purposes

Google Sites is a free website creation tool that connects really well with other GAFE tools if you are a GAFE school.  It is very easy to use and students pick it up very quickly. You can select a template, embed different types of media and attach documents. You can connect to Google drive very easily. You can share the website with whoever you want to or make it public.  If you don’t have GAFE at school you can make a Google site on your normal Gmail account by going to http;// 
Google sites can be used for a myriad of purposes. Here are some ideas:

A school website

Student art portfolio 

Conference website

Teacher’s classroom website

Mrs Patel from Mickelfield

Teacher’s subject website (Science) 

Teacher’s subject website (History)
Resume Tiaan Lotter: 

Administering global projects

Global Postcard Exchange:

Virtual Global Classroom wiki

GEG workshop site

Collaborative projects

Why not consider making your own Google site?  

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