Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Digital storytelling #3: Which tools can I use for creating a digital story

Submitted by Fiona Beal
We are presenting a series of four posts about digital storytelling. The first two is the series have already been posted: Digital storytelling #1: What exactly is digital storytelling? and Digital storytelling #2: How do I get started writing a digital story? Today we look at tools that can be used to create and present a digital story.

There is no shortage of tools to use to create digital stories, whether online or offline. Here are some tools your students will enjoy using.

(1) Internet sites
There are many sites with free options available on the Internet for writing lovely digital stories.  Here are but a few:


(2) The African Storybook Project
The wonderful African Storybook Project, our own South African site has a wonderful tool for writing stories with art selections provided:   You’ll notice the ‘Create’ button below:


This site provides a selection of lovely templates for writing the stories.


(3) Use PowerPoint
a) PowerPoint is a very versatile application that can do more than merely present. Thee are many free, online programs useful for uploading PowerPoint stories and displaying them online: SlideShare, Author Stream and Slide boom to name a few.

Alternatively you can add narration to PowerPoint and save it as a video.


4) Microsoft Photostory 3
This is available on Windows PCs devices to be used offline. You can add still images and sound or create your own music.

5) Windows Live Movie Maker
This is available on Windows PCs devices to be used offline. You can add still images, video clips and sound


6) Tablets
Tablets have a great selection of apps one could use 


Whatever device you use, why not give digital storytelling a try!

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