Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Some story updates from the amazing, local African Storybook website

This week the African Storybook Project sent out a newsflash showing their most recent story updates. We have displayed them below with links to their spot on the website.

Have you visited, the home of the African Storybook Project (ASP)? It is a truly amazing, local website.  The stories, which are all for the younger grades,  can be read on site or downloaded to print and use. Their current collection of Featured Stories on the website home page is a great reflection of the ASP's growth and diversity after just one year in existence. The aim of the African Storybook Project is to provide Creative Commons-licensed stories for the children of Africa in all the local African languages as well as the languages of wider communication used on our continent.

Do click on the links below and read the English versions of their  latest offerings shown below:,qitok=wfZZijY8.pagespeed.ce.1AOGuljj17.jpg
Anansi and Turtle
A very tall man
'M'e Maneo's pumpkin
Hen tricks Eagle
Elephant and Chameleon
Colours of a rainbow
A Tiny Seed: The Story of Wangari Maathai
The animals dig a well

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