Monday, 27 April 2015

Webinar recording and downloadable presentation from Weds 22nd April at 3:15pm ‘How to do a Technology and Pedagogy Mix’ by Victor Ngobeni from Microsoft South Africa


On Wednesday afternoon 22nd April 2015 at 3:15pm we held a webinar  presented by Victor Ngobeni from Microsoft in which Victor aimed to show us how pedagogy and technology can work really well together as a mix.

The Webinar description
Victor advertised the webinar in the following way: “In this webinar, I would like to focus how Technology and Pedagogy mix as one of the units of the Teaching with Technology course, but I want to do this rather differently in a way of making it more interactive. I would like to make sure that the participants share strategies/ideas amongst each other of how they are able to “marry” the methods that they are using in the classroom with the relevant technology tools.”

The webinar presentation
Here is the downloadable presentation from Victor which is available online in SlideShare at this link:

The webinar recording

The webinar recording can be listened to on the following link:

SchoolNet South Africa provides a short, free webinar on most Thursday afternoons during the school term.

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