Thursday, 12 February 2015

SchoolNet Webinar recording from Thurs 12 Feb 2015 at 3:30pm ‘Creative Use of Microsoft's Digital Free Tools by #MIEExpert Mabore Lekalalaka’


On Thursday afternoon 12 Feb 2015 at 3.30pm we held a SchoolNet webinar entitled ‘Creative use of Microsoft’s digital free tools for teaching and learning’. This was presented by a South African teacher, Mabore Lekalakala, who is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert #MIEExpert15.  Mabore will soon be attending the Global Forum in Redmond Washington.

The webinar description
Mabore added a description of the webinar: “With the advent of using ICT to enhance learning initiatives in South Africa, innovative minds are already wondering how and where to start? With the resources available at your school whether limited or unlimited, as an innovative teacher you could start with the implementation of ICT to enhance teaching and learning. In this webinar I will be taking you through:
1. Microsoft free tools available on Microsoft Educator Network to bring life to teaching and learning.
2. How to access the tool and creatively use them to support teaching and learning
3. What is “Dock to Desktop”? How to enable and disable it. What it lets a teacher or student do. What are the benefits?”

The webinar presentation
Here is the downloadable presentation from mabore which is available online in Slideshare at this link:

The webinar recording
The webinar recording can be listened to on the following link:

SchoolNet South Africa provides a short, free webinar on most Thursday afternoons during the school term.

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