Friday, 27 February 2015

Webinar recording from Thurs 26th February 3:15pm ‘Professional Development for teachers’ by #MIEExpert Mabore Lekalakala


On Thursday afternoon 26 Feb 2015 at 3.15pm we held a SchoolNet webinar entitled ‘Professional Development for teachers’. This was presented by a South African teacher, Mabore Lekalakala, who is also a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert #MIEExpert15.  Mabore will soon be attending the Global Forum in Redmond Washington.

The webinar description
Mabore added a description of the webinar:

"The following are the focus areas for the webinar:

  1. Professional Development Courses available on Microsoft Educator Network and how to access them
  2. Benefits of the Professional Development Courses Digital Literacy
  3. Learn the basics about using computers, the internet, productivity programs, and security and privacy
  4. The Teaching with Technology (TwT) curriculum designed to help educators understand how
  5. How the Self-Assessment Works
  6. Windows 8 in the Classroom
  7. Learn how Windows 8 is making learning personal, connecting students and teachers in entirely new ways, and delivering an immersive learning experience.
  8. Generate certificates

The webinar presentation
Here is the downloadable presentation from mabore which is available online in Slideshare at this link:

The webinar recording
The webinar recording can be listened to on the following link:

SchoolNet South Africa provides a short, free webinar on most Thursday afternoons during the school term.

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